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Suburbs to the City

We set out to Vancouver in late May with one mission:  get all of our online poker accounts unlocked.  The steps required along the way, albeit dubious to us, have been accomplished, along with the inevitable unlocking of poker accounts.  A house in the suburbs, in the middle of the summer, occupied five misfits–five completely different personalities, five completely different modes of operation/sleep schedules/socialization methods was where we all found ourselves, somehow not scratching our heads at how we even arrived at this juncture.

In a house of poker grinders, you celebrate and sulk together and you celebrate and sulk apart.  Everyone, at any given time, is either up thousands, down hundreds, down thousands, or break even for the day/week/month.  It’s one of the most delicate social arrangements I’ve ever encountered.  Is this person in the mood for a pick-me-up?  Do they feel like hearing a joke, or are they at wit’s end, and on the verge of throwing their mouse out the window (Relax, PETA!!!  Context, context)  The goal I had in mind was to keep things lighthearted and fun for the duration of the 3-month lease.  I figured it’s the only way that five very different people get through a lease at a messy frat house in the middle of the suburbs.  At times, you get pretty stir crazy living in the middle of presumably nowhere.  Our idea of deviation of routine was to walk to Mac’s (7Eleven equiv.) or having a pint at The Dunbar.  Short-sighted we were, as this soon became the routine.  Creatures of habit, we are.  And apparently, judging by my last two sentences’ structure, “backwards I speak.” -Yoda

The lease ended August 31st, and here I write to you in retrospect about the time that was the most unpredictable summer I’ve had.  All five of us had made it quite worth-while.  As a house, we totaled the poker winnings to around $120,000 in the 3 months time.  I’m extremely proud of the group of guys.  We worked 7-day weeks, 9-10 hour days during the summer.  It’s a lot of work, a lot of hands, a lot of eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a lot of emotional fluctuation to get to that point.  So congrats guys!

Where am I now?  After the lease ended, Aaron and David found a furnished condo downtown.  Ed, Ben, and I found a furnished condo as well that is about 5 blocks away from them.  They signed theirs for 6 months, because they plan on being in Vancouver through the winter, whereas we decided to be ‘snowbirds’ and head out of Canada at the end of October.  Our lease is only for September and October.

To be honest, I think this will be one of the funnest two months to come.  In the heart of downtown Vancouver, I get to continue to live with Ed, my roommate from San Diego, and Ben, the dude I’m uncl’ing (sp?) a child with (btdubs, so glad it’s going to be a boy!).  For those who haven’t read the previous posts, or do not understand family trees, Ben is my brother-in-law’s brother.  The dynamic that the three of us is still a mystery to me.  We’re three diametrically opposed beings, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  There’s TimmyOx the zany; N0bigdeal, the Chandler from “FRIENDS”; and EdBerg, the laid-back, even-keel, Muscle Milk’ed teddy bear (and reigning Punt, Pass, and Kick champion of Wisconsin).  A more unlikely friendship could not be predicted, but at this point, who cares?!?  We’re here in Vancouver, living it up, putting in the hours on the virtual felt, and watching plenty of Steve Wilkos and Big Brother to keep any white trash individual occupied.  😀

I look forward to what the future brings.  Europe awaits us in November.  In the mean time, we’re putting our nose to the grindstone, and saving up as much money as we can, so that we can fund our travel.  I know that life never stays the same, but I’m not afraid to ride the wave to shore.  As the shirts with stick figures sold in any Midwest United States tourist location say, “life is good.”

More introspection to be posted soon; I’m tapped for tonight, and on my 2nd glass of Spanish wine.  Sorry for the delay between posts, for those of you (most likely only Mom and Grandma) who read this.


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4 responses to “Suburbs to the City

  1. sara ox ⋅

    please write a bb post! I need to hear your opinions of the final 5


  2. Chris Oxborough ⋅

    Great one.. Keep them coming.

  3. NICK ⋅

    good job on the virtual felt… and of course the 34 point badger victory.

  4. Sara ⋅


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