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Interactive Blogging

So it’s Ed’s last night in Vancouver.  We went out for a family dinner @ Earl’s (steakhouse joint).  After several bottles of red wine, we started talking about our plans to document our travels.  We would like to create a domain name and brand it, so that we can create something special.  Our goal is to bring you guys along with us.  We realize that the opportunity we have is something that others can be a part of as well.  You want us to “run with the bulls?”  Well, we’ll do it!  Want us to pick up a girl using conversation Portuguese? Perfect, we’ll figure out a way to do that, too.  We want our adventure to be just as much an adventure for us as it is for you.  I hope that you readers are excited for what is to come.  Blogging will be taken to a whole different level, once we get a hold of the right tools.  We are talking daily updates; video clips galore and written accounts from the three diverse perspectives that we all offer.  The sky is the limits, y’all!

Our itinerary is very loose, and we are not tied to a particular schedule.  This means that we have the flexibility to pursue adventures that arise spontaneously.  So you’ve been to a particular region of Portugal, and want to share your experience with us?  Perfect!!!  Tell us all about it, and we’ll check it out.  The more we have talked about our travel plans, the more we realize that we are really an empty slate; tabula rasa.  Whatever we want to do, we’ll do.  The idea of working for a month straight, and skipping around the region for a couple weeks, and starting over in a different location has crossed our minds.  There will be an interesting evolution of planning that will happen in the next few weeks/months.  If any of you have suggestions, by all means, let us know.  Like I said before, this is just as much our adventure as your guys’.



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  1. Mom Ox ⋅

    No running with the Bulls

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