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This snowbird is off to the land of Ron Burgundy???

On Monday, we moved out of the condo.  Our landlord shows up to the apartment, and while this little middle-eastern fellow is extremely awkward to be around (he would always come in unannounced (a big landlord ‘no-no’), and sit and watch us playing poker), we felt an additional layer of unease.  As we wrap up the cleaning of the place and packing up of everything, he sits down with me at the dining room table, and plopped down a lease addendum (if you will).  It’s an unofficial document he drew up, explaining that we’ve had 3 people living in the condo, so 2 months x $400 (completely arbitrary amount) = $800 we do not get back from our security deposit of $2400.  While it was extremely shady that he did this (considering he knew that we were all living there, given his 10+ visits to sweat our games), we were backed into a corner that he felt pretty confidently that we were not able to defend against.  He knew that we were not citizens, and that since we were not on our home turf, he threatened the prospect of taking us to court over it.

Ben intervened before an argument between me and this lil guy got out of hand.  He negotiated it to $600, and we finally got the $1800-dollar check and got the hell out of there.  Compounded with the fact that we had several bottles of wine the night before to celebrate our final night with Ed, we were tired, moderately under-the-weather, and only wanted to get to the Ramada Inn so that we could take an afternoon nap.  As I mentioned, Ed is gone.  He headed back earlier in order to spend time with family and friends.  He has not been home since arriving in late June, so I’m sure they will be extremely happy to see the Muscle Milk’d teddy.

As for me and Ben, we decided to stay for another week, in order to earn some more money to help our travel fund.  The alternative would’ve been a two week stay in the U.S., which hurts because it’s a half-month of not working.  Instead, we’ll be departing this lovely country on Monday the 7th.  Ben to NYC, I reckon.

Last night, I was looking at flights, and found that it was actually cheaper ($500) to fly to San Diego, stay a few days, and fly to Minneapolis, than for a flight from Vancouver to Minneapolis ($600).  So the former is what I’ll be doing.  I told some friends that I would visit, so I’m making good on my promise.  I’ll be able to see my good friend, Lauren, and several others who I had the fortune of meeting while living there earlier this year for 5 months.  I contacted my next-door neighbor at the San Diego condo, and he says I can crash at his place.  What a nice guy!  For those of you that might remember some Facebook posts earlier this year, there was my favorite neighbor, June!  She’s the nice lady I used do puzzles with all the time.  She’s the one who recently sent me a package of 4 puzzles.  It’ll be great to see her again.  She was kind of like my adopted mother since I was 1500 miles from my own; always telling me to eat vegetables, and to get plenty of sunshine.

On the 12th, I will be headed home to Minneapolis for a couple days before going to the Bahamas for a month.

I’m gonna end this blog entry, cuz frankly, it sucks.  Even rereading it, I am disappointed.  It’s boring, and far too informative.  It’s probably because life is really boring right now.  The weather in Vancouver sucks.  It’s gloomy and 40-50 every day, so we’re cooped up in the hotel room for the majority of each day.  I’ve absolutely treasured my time in Vancouver.  I adore this city, but right now, I’m getting stir crazy, and would like John Candy it, and steer Wagons East and head home.

I promise the next one will be good.  If not, we’ll have a tribunal and vote on whether my blog privileges are to be revoked.


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3 responses to “This snowbird is off to the land of Ron Burgundy???

  1. Mom Ox ⋅

    Way to go Ben.. Level heads prevail. Timmy hard to be on your game all the time :). Still glad you updated us. Sorry your landlord pulled a fast one.. Live and learn I guess. Good luck this week and we will see you soon.

    Love Mom

  2. nick ⋅

    “tim has trenchmouth.” ~ June

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