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“Give me WIFI, or give me death.” -Patrick Henry

Aside from libel, I find that I’m extremely guilty of an over-dependence of internet.

After a full week of no/spotty wifi at the place we’re staying at, the question came up.  Ben asks Ed, in all seriousness:

“Would you rather not have wifi, or have wifi and get punched in the face every morning?”

Ed pauses, confidently and definitively answers, “getting punched every morning,” sits back to mull it over, and possibly reconsider.  He takes and eats another scoop of almond peanut butter (organic, no doubt.  what a yuppie), and affirmed, reiterates, “Yeah, because you can’t do anything without internet.”

Obviously, our line of work is predicated on the stable supply of internet, but wifi seems to breathe life into us; even aside from our poker shenanigans.  Without wifi, as a foreigner, there’s no contact with the outside world, really.  We don’t know anyone in The Bahamas, we can’t call anyone (long distance rates obscene from U.S. cell phone) on the phone or through Skype.  We can’t find out valuable information like store or restaurant hours.  No email, Facebook, no music (we stream it), and, above all, no flow of money.

Our week without internet was the equivalent of purgatory.  We were just floating through the week w/o any sense of purpose or aim.  I felt like Gary Busey.  Sure, we’re here on vacation, but we’re here to work, primarily.  The Bahamas simply offered a change of scenery from the now gloomy Vancouver.

Here’s where I get uneasy about the implications of this newly realized kryptonite.  I have a serious problem with the fact that I rely on constant stimuli in order to feel at ease in life, ironically and counter-intuitively enough.  Obviously, this is a product of my A.D.D.-riddled mind.  Any given day, someone may witness me in my element; with the TV on (reruns of Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory or Steve Wilkos Show), music in my headphones, 8 browser tabs open, and 28 poker games going on. I know my situation is a bit extreme, but how many of us are guilty of an over-stimulation, simply for the sake of it (or as to somehow maintain the status quo of mental equilibrium)?

This could be way off, but perhaps it’s stimulus that denies us the possibility of realizing our solitude, and how uneasy it may cause us to feel.  Hell, we’re never really alone, are we?  With smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, IM; there’s always a party at your fingertips.

I realize all those venues are mediums by which we humans stay connected (as sociologically, we’re predestined to want), but the week from hell caused me to realize that sometimes, albeit hopefully infrequently for me, life can just….STOP!  Internet can be out, electricity can be out (which it was several times that week, due to faulty Bahamian electric grids), and people can just BE.  We can talk to each other; we can make jokes, and use our minds to find fun in the mundane, and enjoyably pass the time (without seeming like a type of lame activity parents would suggest to their kids to occupy their time while mommy takes a nap ——–>License Plate Game).

Now, obviously, internet is a absolute necessity for me, but now I think twice about some of the forces that rule my mind, life(style), so that when deprived of a luxury, I am still able to keep things in perspective and remain at peace with life as-is.

If we lose the ability to adapt, we lose the ability to be human.


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One response to ““Give me WIFI, or give me death.” -Patrick Henry

  1. Very mindful post. Keep thinking and reflecting.

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