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Nike 101

The catchy slogan for Nike not only prods customers into buying their merchandise; it provokes action where there was once hesitation.

As most may know, I have started my adventure around the world, and am now in Porto, Portugal, with my friends, Ben and Ed.  The sparked idea of world travel that we had over a year ago has finally come to fruition, and with that, comes a desire to adopt a fearless attitude that is more succinct with the idea of conquering the world.

So with that, I give you:  JUST DO IT!

Anyone who has spent more than 5 hours with me, knows that I have the dietary intake of that similar to a child.  A girl I dated, after taking a look inside my refrigerator, said “Hawaiian Punch, chocolate milk, frozen pizzas, Gogurt?!?  You have the dream fridge of a 5th grade boy!”  The anecdote, while seemingly superfluous, illustrates the point that I do not branch out, in terms of culinary curiosity.  I’m an extremely picky eater.  The slightest detail of a particular food can repulse at any moment; whether it’s texture, smell, form, or appearance.  It’s not something I enjoy or am proud of, and at times, can be socially crippling.

That is why, once I arrived in Porto with Ben on Dec 30th, I told him that I want to be challenged.  When faced with an unfamiliar or uncomfortable opportunity, I will say “Just Do It!”  Since then, I’m proud to say that I have eaten codfish, or Bacalhau (common Portuguese meal), calamari, francescinha sandwich, hard-boiled eggs, and drank coffee.

Today, we encountered a situation at a shopping center in Porto.  We were having dinner in the food court, as was a group of Portuguese female cohorts (yes, cohorts.  I know, but I like the word).  Much like a junior high school cafeteria, looks were stolen/exchanged.  Can’t speak for the nervous giggles, but it’s certainly possible one party may have done it (not pointing fingers).  The inevitable fate was that, even though there was an obvious mutual desire to initiate conversation, neither made the move.

It’s only after arriving back home did I feel like a complete toolbag.  What’s to be afraid of?  The behavior is completely incongruous with the fact that I’m traveling the world with the intent of going out of my comfort zone.  Just Do It!  Spark up a conversation!  Make a fool of yourself attempting to speak Portuguese.

The near future will bring about several societal, culinary and sociological challenges, and 2012 definitely promises to be a fun and adventurous year, but only if chances are taken and risks are made.




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  1. sara ⋅

    I am so proud of your culinary ventures!!!

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